Saturday, November 29, 2008

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

For Thanksgiving, we were invited to some friends house for a dessert party.  Our hostess had made handprint cookies for the kids to frost like Turkeys.  Gabe picked out red frosting for his, and put on the chocolate chips by himself.  His cookie was okay, until he discovered the frosting... then it was awesome!  Mmmmm!!!  He spent most of the evening slowly wiping bits of frosting off his cookie until he'd wiped it clean.  :)  

Yesterday Gabe and I went to Walmart to pick out our Christmas tree.  He chose red ornaments and the multicolored lights.  He thought the lights were the coolest thing he'd ever seen... until the red balls came out.  :)  He helped put the ornaments on the tree and we had a big talk about how we don't throw the "Christmas balls".  (So far we've only lost 1 ornament).  He loves to sit by the tree and name the colors of the lights and softly touch the ornaments.


Papa Eldredge said...

A chip off the ol'Block... go for the GOOD stuff!!

Rachel said...

Oh i love the little tree, thats so cute. He picked good colors for ornaments..ours has red to!