Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gabe kicks daddy's butt!

There are few things Gabe loves more than wrestling with Daddy.  Michael recently taught him how to show his muscles before he tackles.  Here they are playing together.  As you can see, Gabe is one tough little dude!

Mommy's little helper

Gabe LOVES to help mommy and daddy around the house.  He helps swiffer the floors, and wipe down the cupboards with a wet paper towel.  His absolute favorite thing to help with are the dishes.  He excitedly helps daddy unload the dishwasher, and knows where all the tupperware goes.  He also names the dishes on the bottom rack as he hands it to daddy to be put away.  But yesterday, he DEMANDED to help wash the dishes, not just help put them in the dishwasher after mommy scrubbed him.  So he pulled his chair over and helped scrub all the dishes.  Then he happily played with the scrubber until mommy pulled him away, kicking and screaming  :)  Let's hope he always has this much enthusiasm for chores!!  (not likely... so we'll milk it while we can!)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Tunnel vision, cabinets and bucket hats... oh what fun!

Gabe is the center of our world.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the past week.

Playing at Penny Park with Alexys Tobias
This is how Mommy keeps Gabe contained when he comes to work with her!  :)
Ok, how dang cute is this picture??!!  I love his cute smile.
My two favorite boys.  Gabe loves to be like his Daddy
Gabe loves his hat!

Birthday time in our family!!!

During May and June, some very special people in our families celebrate their birthdays.  We wanted to pay tribute across the miles and post their pictures for all to see on our blog.  Happy Birthday!!!

Lloyd Eldredge, "PaPa" to Gabe, celebrates May 13th
Paula Eldredge, "MiMi" to Gabe, celebrates May 23rd
Uncle Jake Eldredge celebrates June 5th
Uncle Scott Harris celebrates June 4th

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Baby Janelle is here!!!

I'm an AUNT!  Michael is an UNCLE!  Gabe has a COUSIN!!  WOW!   (can you tell we're excited!??)  Michael's youngest brother Jake and his fiance' Rachel welcomed their darling little girl, Janelle yesterday.  She weighed 8.3 and was 21 inches.  The birth went well and mom and baby are doing beautifully.  As you can see, she has lots of thick dark hair and is so dang cute!

The proud mommy
Proud Papa

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gabe's First Haircut!!

What a handsome little dude!  Today Gabe had his very first hair cut.  He's had several trims before, but today was a CUT!  He now has a cute summer cut that I'm excited to spike and put up in a mohawk like I did when he was a baby.  He was absolutely horrified of the clippers and cried the whole time they were on.  You would have thought they were ripping his hair out.  He was great for the scissor portion of the cut, so our hair stylist (the talented Tammy Caputo!) did that most of the time.  Michael and I think he looks like a totally different boy!  I of course had to do a photo shoot, and he spent most of the time playing with his Daddy's Harley.  Like father, like son!