Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas in Florida

This year we had the amazing opportunity to spend Christmas in Florida. Nana Curtis wanted to bring her entire family somewhere warm, and to watch her grandchildren experience the beach for the first time. She got her wish, and this year we celebrated Christmas at Daytona Beach. We had a blast playing on the beach and swimming together. Gabe and Nelle were best buddies all week long, and we loved seeing them play so well together. The water was a little cool, but the kids had fun in the sand building castles and digging holes. Nana took Gabe to jump waves and splash in the bubbles, which he loved.

We spent Christmas day at SeaWorld, which was awesome! We saw the Shamu and Dolphin shows, which were Gabe's (and everyone's!) favorite part. It was fun spending time with the family and we miss being across the country from everyone else. I really loved Christmas this year, and not just because I got to wear shorts and a t-shirt outside on Christmas day. :D