Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our apartment

They're finally here!  Here are some pictures of our  apartment.  I also finally figured out why some of my pictures were really foggy (especially the ones at the library).  It wasn't a dying battery, but a lovely finger print smudged over the lens... courtesy of a certain 2 year old who got a hold of mommy's camera when she wasn't looking.  :)  So, my apologies for half of the pictures being smudgy.  I realized it about halfway through taking pictures today.  

Our dining room/play area.  This way I can work while Gabe plays nearby.
Kitchen.  I hate the cabinets, but love the new appliances!
View from Michael's office into the LR and DR.  We found these couches on Craigslist for a freaking steal!  (Hence my new addiction to craigslist...)
My handsome husband hard at work in the office.
Master bedroom.  My desk is in the corner.
Guest Bathroom/Gabe's bathroom.
Gabe's room.  It's almost the same size as his old one, so things fit perfectly in place.


Lori Sume said...

Very fun to see your place! Glad to see you are settled in. BTW I love the photo of you and Gabe on the slide. So cute.

Papa Eldredge said...

Nice... and it looks a lot like a place I've seen before. ;)

Lacey said...

Cute apartment! I love the couches! Since our move to STL I have also tried the craiglist drug and have found myself addicted! I can't stop! Where will baby (does he have a name yet) sleep? Are you going to buy another crib or switch Gabe to a big boy bed? Anyway, we'll be sad not to see you guys for Christmas when we head back to VA, but someday!

Jeff and Janet said...

Very nice place! I can't believe that you live in New York now. If I'm ever in the area I'll give you a call :) I've had the smudge on the camera before, it really sucks! I heard someone say "In Doors" the other day and my mind went straight to "I heart boobs" (can I write that on your blog??) I laughed pretty hard!

Rachel said...

Really nice apt and I like the decorating. Love the pic in your dining room!

Mandy said...

I Like your apt too! Heber and I LOVE craigslist! We found our furniture guy through there. He get's brand new stuff that has like minor damage to it, and then fixes it and sells it for a great deal! AND because we've been giving him so much business, he cuts us an even BETTER deal!