Thursday, July 30, 2009

trip to Utah

Warning: picture overload! :) We just flew out to Utah for my sister Katie's wedding (see pics by Lloyd Eldredge below. More to come once Michael finishes his). We had a blast visiting family. We wish we could clone ourselves so we could see more people (actually I would sleep while my clone ran around!). Check out the captions to see what we did. Although we had a blast, I absolutely will not set foot on another airplane with 2 kids unless another sibling gets married. Flying across the country with a toddler... YUCK!

Gabe excited to be on the airplane (for 5 minutes)
Grant kept staring at Grandpa
Uncle Scott and Gabe, who thought the sprinkler was the coolest thing ever!
Grant and Great Grandma Harris
Kisses from Great Grandpa Eldredge
Mimi with Grant and Nelle
Boating with Nana and the crew
The awesome tube ride Uncle Drew took us on. (note Gabe fussing)
Me with Ma and Pa at the Restless Heart and Colin Ray concert! Wahoo!
One of my best friends in the whole world, Leslie
Big smiles for Papa Eldredge
Playing drums at cousin Nelle's house
Grant has a small obsession with Uncle Danny's facial hair

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Katie's Wedding!!

Katie got hitched! This past week we traveled to Utah for my sister Katie's wedding. She had a beautiful ceremony and reception, and is now a very happily married girl. Her husband, Colton fits right in the family, and we're excited to have him. Here are a few pictures from the reception, courtesy of Lloyd Eldredge.

whoever gave my son a blue snow cone is gonna pay...
grant, darby (scott's amazing girlfriend!), mom eldredge, me and mom harris
colton and katie - the happy couple

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July 5k

Most of you know that I love to run, and that I have a goal to run a 5k this summer with each of the boys.  I ran a 5k with Gabe on the 4th.  He did really well until the 2 mile mark, when we made our first loop past the finish line.  He saw daddy and the crowd and figured we were done.... until we kept going.  He was really upset that we kept going and started bawling.  I made it about 50 meters past the finish area before I had to turn around with him and drop him off with Michael.  :)  I then finished the race feeling light as a feather without the stroller!  The amazing part was that even with my set back with Gabe, I still managed to run my fasted 5k ever!  Yay!

Rarrrrr!!  Be scared, be very scared
Our first loop, just before the meltdown
A picture from our first race 2 years ago