Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gabe's big boy bed

We've been debating about when to move Gabe to a "big boy bed" for a while now, and after some research (and seeing how well Aubrey did in her big bed bed!) we decided now was a good time.  I wanted to make sure that Gabe was well adjusted before "brudder" arrived to take over the crib.  Gabe took to the bed immediately and hasn't even asked to go back to his crib.  His first nap we could hear him awake for an hour playing in his room, but since then he's stayed in the bed and fallen right asleep.  He even excitedly runs to it for nap time now.  (I hope this lasts!)  Here he is in his new toddler bed, yet another great find on my beloved Craigslist.  :D

He still insists on sleeping with Pooh Bear and Monkey
Pretending to sleep - he even makes snoring noises


Rachel said...

Thats a good idea getting him settled before the new one comes. Looks like a nice bed, and he's got growing room.

Mr. Incredible and The Missus said...

Next you can tackle potty training :)