Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Daddy & Gabe - the best of friends!

Gabe absolutely loves to do things with daddy.  I love to watch them play together and just spend time together.  Gabe also likes to bring monkey along for most of the activities they do together.  Here are my 2 favorite boys spending some quality time together - stretching and snuggling.  

This week they're on a special boys trip in Utah.  Michael's younger brother Wilson is getting married on Saturday, and Michael will pull double duty as the groom's brother and wedding photographer.  Since I'm due in 2 1/2 weeks, I get to stay home and SLEEP as much as humanly possible.  :)  We spent all week getting Gabe excited and prepared for his special airplane ride with daddy.  We got him a special backpack which is just like Michael's carry-on backpack so he can carry his own diapers and toys.  Today when I dropped them off at the airport, he put on his backpack and marched right in the airport, with a quick "bye bye mommy" and a wave.  I was expecting him to throw a fit, but was so proud of my big boy who excitedly went in the airport with a smile.  This mommy is going to miss her boys!!

Stretching together.  Even monkey was stretching.  :)
Big snuggles and smiles


Leslie said...

So are you going to hit the local bars? :)
Have fun with your time off mama! Enjoy it before #2 comes.

Rachel said...

We wish you were coming also, we miss you and want you to meet Nelle! Hope everything is going to be ok with out your boys. Cant wait to see them.

Rachel said...

Ohhh, that's so awesome that you get some mommy alone time Jen! Party hardy! Daddies need time with their boys. And hey Mike, that's a sweet mullet, hehe!