Monday, February 23, 2009

Who needs toys???

Who needs toys when you have things like these:?

a comfy bathroom sink
a perfectly sized laundry basket
a brother to squeeze
a comfy couch nook
a nice warm daddy to fall asleep on

Friday, February 13, 2009

Family Pictures!

As promised, here are our family pictures taken by Lloyd.  He did an amazing job of capturing both the traditional family pictures - including the challenge of photographing a constantly moving two year old! - and some fun candid shots of us playing around.  If any of you lucky Utahn's would like to have Lloyd take your family pictures, his website is in our link list to the right.  Thanks again for great pictures Dad!  

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mimi and Papa Eldredge come to visit!

We were lucky to have a recent visit from Mimi and Papa Eldredge.  I absolutely love my in-laws and spending time with them.  Mimi was a huge help with a project I had for work, and both she and Papa were extremely helpful with the boys.  They entertained Gabe and took him out for fun trips, which is always a treat for Gabe (both the outings and the company!).  We also were treated to Mimi's amazing and very healthy cooking.  I was especially thrilled to have our talented Papa here to take pictures of the entire visit.  Here are some pictures he took.  My Christmas gift was a photoshoot with our family, which I'll post pictures of soon.  You can check out Lloyd's photography in our link list to the right.  Thanks for a wonderful visit Mimi and Papa!  We can't wait to have you back again!!

Mimi has the magic touch
Grant with Mimi and Papa
Nakey baby!
Mirror mirror...
Brotherly love

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael!

Today is Michael's birthday.  I thought I'd steal a fun idea I saw on Lacey's blog and post some pictures of his childhood.  You can see what a cute little boy he was!   I'm grateful to have such a wonderful husband who is my best friend in the world, and who makes me incredibly happy.  He's a great father to our two boys, and I'm lucky to have such an amazing family with him.  He even comes with awesome in-laws!  :D  Happy Birthday Michael!!  

I totally would have had a huge crush on him!  
Cowboy take me away...
Look at those curls! 
Daddy and Gabe

Monday, February 2, 2009

sweet baby Grant

When I look at the pictures of Grant, I think they look nothing like him.  Maybe that's because the camera doesn't capture the special loving mommy filter over my eyes, or because at this age they literally change so much every day.  Michael took these amazing pictures the other day, and this is the closest I've seen the picture look like my sweet little guy.