Tuesday, December 16, 2008

When the lights (and much more!) go out

We recently experienced a huge ice storm that left around 300,000 people in our area without power... including us.  We had quite a series of adventures as well.  First, I left to get something for us to eat (hard to eat without a stove, fridge or microwave) and found out just how bad the outage was.  There was nothing with power for miles around.  While I was gone, Michael went out on our balcony to take pictures of the ice storm.  Gabe decided that would be an ideal time to play with the lock on the door, and locked Michael outside on our 2nd floor deck.  Michael was locked outside for almost an hour, before he finally decided to jump off the deck, which totally traumatized poor Gabe.  Fortunately he was able to get back into our building and back to Gabe.  

We were blessed to have wonderful friends who still had power and invited us and another power-less family over to stay in their home and wait out the anticipated 4-14 day power outage.   Fortunately our power was restored after only 2 days, but we still have friends who don't have power and don't anticipate getting it for several more days at best.  

beautiful but dangerous
Gabe playing at the Hunter's house where we stayed for the power outage


Rachel said...

Are you serious!? That is horrible! Did you lose everything in your freezer? Danny told me about those eastern ice storms and they sound awful! Glad your power is on!

Lacey said...

Yikes! I don't know how you stand the cold! So...three days left. How are you feeling? You ready?

Rachel said...

Awful story but kinda funny! Of course it had to happen while you were gone. It looks like Gabe is ok though. Glad your power is back on and that you have good friends that could help you out.
Were getting sooo excited for the new baby!

Papa Eldredge said...

I'm with the rest, we're very glad you're not in the cold and dark any longer! And, that you don't have to drive to Cleveland to find a hotel... sort of a "Great with child, and no room at the Inn story", eh?

I hope the rest of your friends and neighbors are back up and running soon. Looks like you're headed for round two of the storm... just hope it's not like the last one. Don't want that new grandson to be born by candlelight!!

Andrew and Lori Stewart said...

wow that is story...but really funny about Gabe. I'm glad your power is back on and I hope it stays...how are you feeling?