Saturday, September 6, 2008

Our camping trip to Lake George in New York

For the past 2 weeks, we have been attending a summer camp in upstate New York (hence the total lack of posts!).  We had a blast!  Michael was busy doing a lot of photography and video work, so Gabe and Nana and I got to hang out together a lot.  The camp is very family-friendly and organized a lot of fun activities for the young kids.  We painted on a Tee-pee and roasted s'mores, went kayaking (which Gabe didn't think was too fun.  We were in the kayak a total of about 3 minutes, and he cried the whole time) and played at the playground.  They also had an ice cream machine, and Gabe was introduced to ice cream cones with sprinkles, courtesy of Nana.  We had a great experience at V-week, and will definitely be going back next year!

Painting the tee-pee
Roasting s'mores with Nana
Getting ready to kayak
Playing outside of our cabin


Lori Sume said...

Gabe is getting sooooo big! and so cute. I assume you heard that Melinda Wayas Bowen had a little boy....

Taralyn said...

That's so fun! I've never heard of Lake George. What brought you there?