Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mess maker, mess maker, make me a MESS!

Yesterday was an impressive day of mess making for Gabe.  At breakfast he kicked his highchair tray off and spilled his yogurt, strawberries and entire glass of orange juice all over the floor.  We mopped the floor.  Twice.   Gabe helped.  :)

At lunch he knocked his bowl full of torteloni covered in red spaghetti sauce on the floor.  We mopped the floor again.  

During dinner, mommy decided to move away from what appeared to be the "cursed" high chair and eat his happy meal in the living room at the coffee table.  (Apparently, mommy's logic has gone out the window!)  He spilled his chocolate milk all over the rug - and on the only white portion of the rug... not the grey speckled part that would have hidden the stain better. Gabe was a good helper and helped scrub the carpet.  Twice.  

I was grateful to get him to bed and hope for a better day today.  Until he spilled his milk all over his highchair this morning... I'm in for it!!  

Mopping up after our breakfast spill
Scrubbing the living room rug
What a good helper!


Lori Sume said...

at least Gabe knows how to clean up his messes?....

Cam and Josie said...

Aww--I hope you have a better day! At least he is a good helper : )

Papa Eldredge said...

It's amazing the work we men have to go to at times, just to keep the attention of the women we love. ;-)

Way to go Gabe. You got it wired.

Rachel said...

Oh gosh, its coming isn't it! Were gonna have to be doing this soon.