Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bath time!!

We recently moved Gabe from his toddler sized bath tub into the entire tub - and he LOVES it!  He loves to splash around in the bubbles, and try to drink the water from the faucet.  He's already started swimming around and making funny car/boat noises with his rubber duckies.  (I swear, motorized noises are innate in little boys!)  I think he'd stay in the bathtub for an hour every night if I let him.

his bubble crown, courtesy of daddy
getting ready for a swim
not sure why he loves to drink the hot water...
my little boy who is half fish


Papa Eldredge said...

That is one CUTE little fish boy, for sure. Looks like a blast.

Rachel said...

Cute Pictures and great fun! Nelle loves the water too and her rubber duckies, you'd think they were cousins or something?! :P