Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nana and Uncle Wilson come to Virginia

This past week we have enjoyed a visit from Nana Curtis and Uncle Wilson.  Gabe has loved going to the park with Nana and wrestling with Uncle Wilson.  Michael taught Gabe how to wrestle with Gabe just like in the video clip below.  It's pretty funny.  Nana has been Gabe's little buddy, especially at the park and outside.  We had a vegetable tray, and Gabe fed Nana about a dozen carrots (still trying to find those pictures!!).  Nana has been my partner in crime at Walmart, and we've had a blast shopping there.  We recently replaced the light bulbs in the house with energy saving bulbs, and took pictures of us flexing our muscles below.  

We're headed up to New York for a week, and are excited that Nana and Wilson have extended their trip to come with us.  Hooray!!

Gabe after eating spaghetti.  More on his lap than in his tummy.  :)

Our welcome message
Riding home from the airport
Coming home from the park with Nana
Showing off our buff muscles after changing the light bulbs.

The buff boys changed all the bulbs.  

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Gina said...

I love Gabe's expression in the spaghetti picture. He's like, "What? It wasn't me!" :)