Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

I am honored to celebrate Father's Day this year, and pay tribute to my 3 favorite dads.  First to my hubby Michael, who is a wonderful father.  A supportive father who watches Gabe during the day while I work, and teaches him how to wrestle.  (see the clip below!).  Michael teaches Gabe how to complete tasks, and makes Gabe his partner in crime.  They have a great relationship, and I love to watch them play together.  To my father in law, who is the in-law you dream of having!!  His friendship with Michael, as well as his example, has been a strength to our marriage, and one that I am truly grateful for.  He is someone who I regularly turn to for advice and counsel, and who shares my love of running (and inspires me to keep going!)  To my own "Pa", who everyone knows I adore.  I admit it, I'm a total daddy's girl.  Thanks for fixing all of our stuff, and for being a support as I grew up, and continuing to be one now.  (and for teaching me to love Journey!)  I LOVE YOU ALL!!  Happy Father's Day!

My matching boys
Blast from the past!  Lloyd and Michael
The start of my daddy's girl days - we're twins!
Lloyd and Michael at the Jordan River Temple
Our dads in true form!!
Me and Pa dancing to "Faithfully" at our wedding reception


Papa Eldredge said...

Hey!!! What a privilege it is to be father-in-law to such a terrific daughter-in-law!! You're the dream daughter-in-law, and one terrific mother. We're so proud of you both, and that amazing little guy you're raising. Much, Much love!!

~The Singletons~ said...

what a wonderful post! so fun! I'm so glad I found you guys on here! AND I HEAR YOU"VE GOT ANOTHER BABY COMING!!! YAY!!!! i'm so happy for your little family and I hope all is long are you guys planning on being in BC anyways?

Rachel said...

I love this post, especially the pic of your dad and you at your wedding. You look absolutely beautiful!

Jeff & Janet said...

Oh I love you dad :) I still remember when he gave your mom measuring spoons (or something like that) to her for her birthday, very romantic. Great memories!
PS are you prego again?? You can tell me no if you're not announcing it yet :)