Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gabe's first trip to the pool!

Yesterday we took Gabe to the public swimming pool for the first time.  Grandma and Grandpa Harris are in town, so they came along to play.  At first he wanted nothing to do with the water.  So we started out with his toes, then his calves, then his knees.... until he was in.  Once he discovered he could splash, he decided the pool was pretty dang cool.  He had a BLAST the rest of the time and cried hard when it was time to go.  I have a feeling we'll be making many trips to the pool this summer.  

Mommy and her new water monkey
Splashing with Grandma Harris
Chillin' by the side of the pool, splashing his feet


Russ and Suz Adamson said...

That is so great that he has taken to the water. IT's fun to see when they get excited about something and that picture below of the "Fathers Day" post of Michael and his dad back in the day is crazy. I thought it was MIchael and a little brother or something. Michael looks exactly like his dad did. Crazy :)

Burr and Jean Eldredge said...

Hey - all these are great - so good to be able to stay connected - thanks LOVES - Gr-Grpa and Gr-Grma E
we love y'all

Leslie said...

He's turned into a little boy!!! I'm sure you have mixed emotions about that. Great pics.

Jeff & Janet said...

That’s awesome that you're getting him used to the water now. This will make like so much easier in a couple years when he takes swimming lessons. It was never fun when you'd a 4-year-old in swimming lessons that wouldn't even put their feet in the water.