Friday, April 4, 2008

Playgroup Fun and Binki Love

Today we had a super fun playgroup!  The kids brought their bikes to decorate, and then we had a bike parade.  Gabe was absolutely horrified of the bike at first and refused to have anything to do with it.  That didn't last long.  As soon as he saw how much fun the other kids were having, he hopped right on the bike (that we borrowed from Duste'!) and rode all over the track.  

On a second note, Gabe is going through a major binki phase right now.  We're slowly trying to wean him off the binki, and it seems like the more we try, the more he "needs" it.  I lamented with other moms today at playgroup who are having the same issue with their boys.  I got some good advice, and hopefully Gabe will be off the binki soon.  Any other advice... send it my way!

The binki king himself
Michelle and Sidney Mahaffey
Trae, Landon and Seani
Gabe, finally happy to be on the bike!
Building a block tower


Taralyn said...

So fun being a mom. I'm a little nervous about the "plug" (as we call it) issue as well. I've still got weening before that. UGH!

Doug and Becca said...

Taylor did the same thing with his binkis. They think they are so funny when they figure out they can put two binkis in their mouth at the same time. I love it!