Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pandit Bookstore Easter Party

Ball!  Ball!  BALL!!!!!

On Saturday, Gabe and I went to the Pandit Bookstore Easter Party.  They had a fun Easter egg hunt, and Gabe found about 8 eggs with help from his tall mommy.  Gabe thought that was okay, until he discovered the ball pit in the HUGE play area they have.  "Ball!!!!!"  Gabe was in HEAVEN playing in the ball pit.  He was trampled a little by some of the older kids, so was very happy to find is own tiny ball pit, even if it was a pretty Dora the Explorer pit.  

***For those of you in BV who haven't been to Pandit Bookstore yet, you HAVE to take your kids and go!!   They have a plethora (Jefe, do you even know what a plethora is?)  of used children's books for super cheap prices, and the play area is wonderful!!  We're making this a weekly - or possibly bi-weekly! - trip from now on!

The heavenly ball pit
Love the hair!
Gabe in the Dora pit he had all to himself!
Climbing onto the bouncy part from the ball pit

Just chillin' on the Thomas train after a hard day of playing in the ball pit


Ryan and Lacey said...

We're so bummed we missed it! Aubrey's fever has finally broke so let us know when you go again and maybe we'll tag along!

Taralyn said...

so fun! how are things? let's have a mini reunion at my place this summer with nancy etc. We have a big lake you know :)

Mandy said...

why didn't they have that place around when we were there?!!!! Cute pictures of GABE! He's such a cutie!