Friday, July 2, 2010

Mother's Day, Carnival fun, Put me in the Zoo

We've had a busy few months! We had a great visit from Grandma Harris and Aunt Lisa. We took the boys to a local Carnival, which was fun for about the first 10 minutes. Gabe loved the giant slide and the truck roller-coaster. Nana took Grant for a ride on the Carousel. We also went to the Bronx Zoo with some friends from church. It was a great trip! The boys loved seeing all of the animals, especially the Elephants. Nana bought elephant stuffed animals for each of them, and "elephant" has become Gabe's new favorite toy. Then we celebrated Mothers Day. Michael took some fun pictures of us playing together. I also cut my hair short for the first time in almost 10 years. Wahoo! I love it short!

Mommy's sweet boys

Blowing bubbles with Grant

Playing together

Giant slide at the carnival

Riding in the truck roller-coaster

Grants first time on a carousel, together with Nana

Fun at the Bronx Zoo

Looking at the fish pond

Taking after Daddy and Papa...

Big fish!


Andrew and Lori Stewart said...

Your boys are getting so big!! I love your haircut too!!

angelicindy said...

Still as beautiful as ever! What a wonderful trip to the zoo. I loved your pics! Thanks for sharing :)

Lloyd said...

Great stuff! Wishing you guys were still here!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging!!! Grma E

{ Casa de Mask } said...

Love the pics...and really love your new haircut! Hope you guys are doing well!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

SO cute! Love you guys and your little handsome boys!