Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Month wrap up!

I know, I'm officially fired from my blog after not posting for over a month! :) We've had a very busy end of summer/beginning of fall. Here's what we did (in as few sentences as possible!)

In August, we took our annual Family Vacation to Lake George. This year Nana joined us as well, and we all shared a cabin. Gabe and Grant had a blast playing outside, going on long walks, playing at the beach and running around with the other kids. Gabe's favorite part was a large bell at the top of a building, which the night staff was kind enough to ring just for him. Every night Gabe would look out the window of the hotel lobby and talk to the bell, and it would ring back to him. :) We also took Gabe kayaking and this year he really enjoyed it (last year he screamed the entire time!). Also, Grant learned to crawl shortly before we left for camp, so he really enjoyed crawling all over the soft grass and playing in the dirt! I committed the most unpardonable sin and forgot my camera on the charger at home. Noooooo!!! Michael has a few pictures, but it may be a while before I can get some from him....

In September, some of our highlights have been finding great new toys at yard sales and taking a playgroup tour of the Fire Station and Airport. Here are some pictures of the firehouse tour:

Gabe and Kai, one of his friends from Vweek Summer Camp
Checking out all the buttons!
Gabe inside the Fire Truck
Gabe in Grant's walker - I'm amazed he fits!
2 cool dudes
Gabe's new store - a great yardsale find!

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Papa Eldredge said...

Wow!!! I check your blog religiously every day... so glad my efforts are not in vain, glad to see a new post. Sounds like a fun month. Tell Michael to get some pix or he's on the couch! Loves to all.