Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Nana and Uncle Wilson!

Happy Birthday to Nana on the 24th and Uncle Wilson on the 26th!! We are so lucky to have Nana live nearby. She loves to come over and play with the boys. She takes Gabe outside to play, and plays endless hours of "store" and many other games with Gabe. She also absolutely love to feed Grant. He opens his mouth so big for food! (he takes after his father!). Nana has blessed our lives in so many ways, and we've especially loved having Nana with us in New York. Uncle Wilson was the very first Uncle to see both Gabe and Grant. He was here for Gabe's birth, and the first Uncle to visit us after Grant was born. Gabe loves to wrestle with Uncle Wilson, and no one will ever be a better Easter Bunny than Uncle Wilson was this year! Happy Birthday Nana and Uncle Wilson!! We love you!

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