Monday, February 23, 2009

Who needs toys???

Who needs toys when you have things like these:?

a comfy bathroom sink
a perfectly sized laundry basket
a brother to squeeze
a comfy couch nook
a nice warm daddy to fall asleep on


April said...

Gabe is so cute, well so is Grant. Last week he played in Ralph's toy box for almost a half hour, it was cute. I think it is funny he will crawl into the sink!

Lori Sume said...

very cute! the men in your life are quite handsome!!! love gabe in the laundry basket!

Rachel said...

That pic of Gabe in the sink is AWESOME!! My kids were always happiest with a simple box. :)

Laura said...

Jenny, so I dont' know if you have noticed but I am also having a baby here in like 2 weeks...they will be about 2 years yours right? How is it? I know it is too late to back out now, but I will survive right?:)