Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Uncle Drew and a Halloween Party

I found some more pictures of Gabe playing with Uncle Drew during his visit.  They're not as good as the ones by the pro, but they show how cute Gabe and Drew are together.

Also, we had a ward Halloween party, and here is Gabe in his costume!  He was terrified of the additional arms that kept following him around, so he needed his binki for comfort.  :)  Then at the party, the kids were given stickers to decorate their trick or treat bags.  Gabe thought it would be more fun to put them on his face.  At least everyone knew his name!

Ready for liftoff!
All smiles
Spider Gabe!
A hilarious idea for a dessert at the party.  It's apple crisp.  :)


Ryan and Lacey said...

Few things:
1. LOVE the pictures of Gabe...he is like a good bottle of wine -- gets better with time (or so I've heard :)!
2. That dessert is HILARIOUS, but I don't think I could eat it. I feel bad for fluffy being so exposed!
3. Glad you guys are adjusting so well to NY. We hope to visit you guys some day!

Rachel said...

His halloween costume is so cute! And I love the stickers on his face.