Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fun at the Mall

Today Gabe and I went to the Staunton Mall to do some shopping and run around the play area.  Outside of the play area was a mouse statue that Gabe decided was his new best friend.  He hugged it, hung from it, and pointed out its eyes, ears, mouth, etc.  It was really quite cute.  

BIG CUTE smile!
hugs for mr. mouse
all boy - hanging from mr. mouse's arm


Papa Eldredge said...

Fun for sure. And I agree, that first picture is really priceless.

Miss you guys.

Mandy said...

What sweet, sweet boy he is! AND so stinking cute! I love his big grin!

Rachel said...

Such a great smile. Of course his favorite thing there was outside the play area.

WhiteFair said...

Oh Golly, he is soooo cute!!