Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mommy's little helper

Gabe LOVES to help mommy and daddy around the house.  He helps swiffer the floors, and wipe down the cupboards with a wet paper towel.  His absolute favorite thing to help with are the dishes.  He excitedly helps daddy unload the dishwasher, and knows where all the tupperware goes.  He also names the dishes on the bottom rack as he hands it to daddy to be put away.  But yesterday, he DEMANDED to help wash the dishes, not just help put them in the dishwasher after mommy scrubbed him.  So he pulled his chair over and helped scrub all the dishes.  Then he happily played with the scrubber until mommy pulled him away, kicking and screaming  :)  Let's hope he always has this much enthusiasm for chores!!  (not likely... so we'll milk it while we can!)

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