Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gabe's First Haircut!!

What a handsome little dude!  Today Gabe had his very first hair cut.  He's had several trims before, but today was a CUT!  He now has a cute summer cut that I'm excited to spike and put up in a mohawk like I did when he was a baby.  He was absolutely horrified of the clippers and cried the whole time they were on.  You would have thought they were ripping his hair out.  He was great for the scissor portion of the cut, so our hair stylist (the talented Tammy Caputo!) did that most of the time.  Michael and I think he looks like a totally different boy!  I of course had to do a photo shoot, and he spent most of the time playing with his Daddy's Harley.  Like father, like son!


Mandy said...

CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a handsome little guy!

Megan said...

He really does look totally different. Handsome boy!