Friday, January 25, 2008


After several unsuccessful attempts to get our new website up, I decided to join the blog community.  It seems blogs and facebook are the best way to keep in touch these days!  

The Latest....

Michael is busy building his photography business.  He worked for SVU this past semester taking new pictures around campus to create a recruiting book.  He is also doing a lot of work with A Capella Innovations up in New York.  He really loves it and the people he has met as a result.  Michael also loves taking care of Gabe and teaching him various martial arts moves.  Be careful - Gabe might put you in an arm bar!

Jenny is absolutely loving her job in Real Estate.  She has a fabulous boss who is wonderful to work for.  She is still addicted to running and scrapbooking.  She's managed to talk Michael into training for a 10k in May.  She's also planning on running 2 half marathons this year, and pushing Gabe in the jogging stroller for a few 5k's as well.  She loves teaching the Beehives in the ward and looks forward to Girl's Camp with great excitement.   She has determined that this year she will attempt to plant a flower garden to help our poor yard look better.   But only if Gabe will help.  

Gabriel is growing up way too fast.  He says a handful of words now and uses baby sign language.  He loves helping mommy clean the house (don't even think about doing the dishes without him!) and go shopping.  He still hums the entire time he eats, and we're always surprised at how much this kid can put away!  Gabe goes to nursery in 2 1/2 months, and we can hardly believe how fast time has flown by!

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