Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Gabester

Here's our growing boy!  He changes so fast we can hardly believe it!

eating spaghetti.... can you tell?

playing with Aubrey.  I love that he's "protecting" her and has his hand on her foot.

this guy wants to wear his hat everywhere!

I took this shot at the park this week.  I love his little grin!  My new favorite shot.

I left Gabe with half of the groceries while I went back to the car for the rest.  I came back in the house to find him stacking his yogurts!  I was beyond impressed.  We've never taught him to do this.  What a smart little dude!


Gina said...

Hey! It was so good to hear from you! You have such a cute little boy! Aren't boys the best? That is an awesome yogurt tower, I'm impressed as well. I'm glad you have a blog now, they're the best!

Amber and Matt said...

I like Gabe's little grin too! That is a cute shot. Ana says she wants to play with Gabe sometime :) Maybe we will stop being slackers and make it to playgroup this week!

The Sharp Fam said...

He is just so adorable! I love the wallpaper on your blog too. Hey, do you guys ever get to Richmond?

Louder Family said...

Hello Eldredge Family! It is the Louders, I just stummbled across your blog and thought that I would say hello! I cannot believe how big your little guy is....time goes by way too fast! My baby just turned one and I can hardly stand it. Well hope to keep in touch! I am going to add you too the list if that is alright?

Trevor & Christa said...

Hi Guys!! So fun to see your cute little Gabe, he is darling! How the heck are you anyways? This is such a good way to keep in touch by the way, I love it!