Friday, July 2, 2010

Mimi and Papa visit

We had a great visit from Mimi and Papa. Mimi ran the Boston Marathon (go Mimi!) so we got to spend a few days playing together before her race. Papa also took pictures of the race, and got an amazing shot of the winner crossing the finish line!

Gabe has also discovered his love for taking pictures. I figure it must be genetic at this point. :) Talented Papa and Daddy have passed on the photography gene. Michael taught Gabe how to use his old digital camera, and Gabe hasn't stopped taking unflattering pictures of us yet.

Snuggling with Papa

Reading bedtime stories with Mimi

Getting a photography lesson from the Pro

Enjoying the cheap thrills in life

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angelicindy said...

Aww. I was hoping you'd share some of his pictures :). I love going on walks with my nephews and nieces. They always take pics of interesting things, don't you think?!