Monday, June 8, 2009

Freihoffer's 5k

On May 30th I had the opportunity to run in the Freihoffer's Run for Women 5k.  It is an amazing race celebrating women, and over 4000 women ran that day.  I trained a group of women following the "couch to 5k" program - some of whom had never run before.  Everyone in my group finished and it was a very proud day for all of us.  The finishing prize was a box of chocolate chip cookies... much better than a medal!  (only half kidding... I love both!)  I'm excited to kick off my running "season".  Next I plan on running a few 5k's with each of the boys, and then if I can really be tough, running with both of them in the double jogging stroller.  *flex*  

(i cannot for the life of me get this picture to rotate correctly!  sorry for the kinked neck you're about to get!)

Ashely, me and Beth.  We ran the entire race together!


Rachel said...

Good for you!

Desperado Mom said...

That's great, jenny!

Loya said...

I want the couch to 5k program!