Monday, January 19, 2009

1 month old

Grant turned 1 month old today.  I can hardly believe it's been a month already!  Time flies when you're sleep deprived!  :)  He's been such a wonderful baby and I sure love having him in our family.  What better way to celebrate a 1 month birthday than in your birthday suit?  :)  And for comparison, the top photo is Gabe at 1 month old.  (Would you have known if I didn't tell you?  They sure look alike!)

GABE at 1 month
Grant in his birthday suit
Love that smile!
He still has him umbilical cord


Leslie said...

So adorable. They do look so alike!

Robins Fam said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe he is one month old already! He is beautiful!

Rachel said...

How did that month pass so fast!? What cute little chubster he is!!!

Rachel said...

Its been one month? No way! And no I wouldnt have know that the first one wasnt Grant if you hadnt told me. He is so cute, I just love his little arm rolls in the last one

THE HANSEN'S said...

Jen - Glad you visited my blog. It always prompts me to visit others when they leave a comment. Grant is adorable! He looks like you. It looks like Gaby baby is Loving it all. Miss you!