Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gabe hearts balls

Grandma Harris is in town visiting Gabe, and we decided to take all of Gabe's plastic balls outside to roll down the hill.  Gabe had a blast doing that, and then we had the idea to put them in his rainbow pool.  Bingo!  Here he is combining two of his very favorite things... playing outside, and playing with balls.  

Throwing balls down the hill
I'm not sure why, but this picture makes me think of Tom Sawyer
Big smiles in the new ball pit
Circular joy - and my new desktop picture


James & Summer said...


Lori Sume said...

Very cute! Gabe really is soooooo cute.

The Wilsons said...

LOVE that picture--SO CUTE!

Rachel said...

He has such a cute smile! I'm jelouse, I have always wanted a ball pit too.

Louder Family said...

I did not know that you were pregnant too! I am so excited for another boy! Are you guys still in the beav? Oh man, i feel like I am eight months pregnant...uncomfy at night, bigger then ever, and ready to hold that little angel! We will have to get together sometime!

Nancy and Spencer said...

Kaden has those same balls! And we put them in his pool too... usually with water in it as well. I even bought a blow up ball pit for $1 at a garage sale! That way he can play with his balls in the winter too.
Our boys are so alike in interests. :)