Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gabe & Aubrey in the pool

Today Aubrey came over to play with Gabe in the rainbow pool.  They had a great time together and we got some cute pictures of them.  The kissing pictures are great practice for when they get married someday!  :D

Kissy kissy!
Cutest picture ever!
Gabe dumping water on Aubrey
This one makes me laugh every time, so I had to share.  I love their goofy faces!


Andrew & Lori Stewart said...

Cute pictures...he has a cute girlfriend!!

Papa Eldredge said...

Those are priceless!! What a couple of cute kids... or is it, what a cute couple? ;)

Rachel said...

He's a little flirt just like his Daddy! That is hilarious! She is a doll though, no wonder he felt it necessary to lay a smoochie on her! Precious pics!!!

Taralyn said...

That pool seems to be the hit of the neighborhood :) Good pick. Cute pics too!

Rachel said...

OMG how cute!! He is definately an Eldredge boy.